Environment Month

World Environment Day, June 5th,  is one of the most important date of the year. For this one day the world comes together to protect and share its love for mother earth. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, the very first World Environment Day was celebrated in 1973. Each year a different city hosts this event and from 1972 to now various cities have done so with myriad themes. In 2011, India had the chance to host the world Environment Day.

“Earth Anthem” by poet-diplomat Abhay K was launched in June 2013 on the occasion of the World Environment Day by Kapil Sibal and Shashi Tharoor, Union Ministers of India at a function organized by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations in New Delhi. India has much to be proud of and this is specially one of those things. You can find the Earth anthem here.

Naya Sawera is an organization that believes in a better world, a world more socially evolved, a world more economically stable and a world more environmentally proud. We at Naya Sawera believe that mother earth deserves much more than a day and so last year we went on to celebrate ‘Environment Week’. But even a week is not enough to give back to our precious mother, and even though we should care for her each day, we have decided to celebrate our environment all month long. The whole month of June Naya Sawera has planned various activities that will work towards the betterment of our society and our environment.

Environment Week As shown in the plan, the initial days of this month, we are focusing on ‘Say NO to Plastic’ campaign. Plastic is one of the most harmful products that man ever produced. Not only is it non biodegradable, it is harmful to animals and birds and it cannot, or rather should not be burnt. We are all aware of the ill effects of plastic but very few of us ever take the effort to do something about this. ‘Say NO to Plastic’ campaign aims at encouraging shopkeepers, vendors, merchants, etc to use bags made of corn instead of plastic.

Corn bags are not only biodegradable they also don’t harm animals if they accidentally ingest it. We aim to make our city as plastic free as possible and with your support we can make ‘Say NO to Plastic’ campaign a success. Join us in our cause and help free our city from plastic.

So gear up for the month ahead and do your bit, you owe it to our planet. Follow us on facebook and twitter and we shall keep updating you with the latest information about our events.

Lets wake up for a better tomorrow, lets wake up for a Naya Sawera

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The article is written by Rishabh Wadhwa. To get your article published on our blog, mail it to us at info.nayasawera@gmail.com and we will post your article giving you the credit for it.


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