Naya Sawera is a Non-Government & Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization registered under Societies Registration Act. The organization works for helping the underprivileged sections of the society by various means. The aim is to make sure that no human being is deprived of his basic needs because of poverty. The organization also seeks to support and nurture young talent, which cannot avail deserving opportunities to facilitate that talent because of poverty. The organization supports all its programs from the funds voluntary donated by people, funds collected by members and the membership fee paid by the members. As of now the organization has over 400 registered members and volunteers with the team of 20 core members who offer their services in the programs conducted by the organization.

Our Agenda

  • To support, nurture and empower the talents that do not avail deserving opportunities due to poverty.
  • To encourage the youth in becoming more proactive towards the society with the aim of making them more socially conscious and participative.
  • To make the public more responsible towards their effect on the planet and indulge them in protecting the environment.

What makes us unique?

Our organization is distinctive in terms of volunteers as our organization is a youth-run NGO. Most of the volunteers and core-team members of our NGO constitute of young people. We foster leadership skills by giving complete independence in decision making, which is not catered by any other organization. We try to inculcate a sense of purpose and insight in young minds which gives them a head start in facing the turmoil of tomorrow. Every running project is the brainchild of youth and also executed by them. To encourage more youth participation we organize various campaigns and take part in youth friendly events. Our motive behind this effort is to form a committed team of young individuals with the zeal of waking up for a better tomorrow.

Our Efforts

Our organization, though young, has earned  a commendable name amongst those who are with us and have been contributing to our causes.  Since it came into being, the organization has successfully been running various periodic campaigns, organizing several social events and conducting  special cause-focused drives under the following projects: