Ø SHRISHTI – Green Conscious

This project focuses on the environmental issues. Its goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life with all its diversity kept intact. We focus on issues like global warming, deforestation, wastage of energy, improper disposal of waste etc. We strive to inspire action using various means of communication, training and advocacy as primary tools to spread awareness about the value of the beautiful green earth, recycling, reuse and their advantages so that they can be adopted in the daily lifestyle of the masses, ensuring the participation of individuals for the betterment of our green present and future. We have weekly and monthly events and programs through which we contribute as much as we can.

The following programs are conducted under this project

  1. Tree Plantation Drives
    On important dates, we periodically organize tree plantation drives in Jaipur with the support of our youthful volunteers. It helps developing a sense of environmental responsibility in the society.
  2. Clean City Campaigns
    In and around the Walled Pink City, our volunteer teams keep on organizing cleanliness drives. We collect the waste from the roads and fix that it is disposed of at the right place.
  3. Say NO To Plastic
    This is our anti-plastic drive under which we try to create ecological awareness by distributing corn made bags to vegetable vendors and shopkeepers in the markets of the city. These bags are 100% bio-compostable and bio-degradable within the 90 days from when they are disposed off.
  4. Electricity Conservation
    It is a monthly reminder program under which we request people to switch off all the electric equipments and encourage everybody else to do the same on every 20th of month from 5.45 PM to 6.00 PM.
  5. The WED Event
    This is no less than a festival for us. This is a week-long series of events which wee celebrate on a very grand level every year on the occasion of World Environment Day. Forming human chain, rallies, competitions etc. cover the whole week. We encourage maximum public participation with us in all the activities during this program.