Ø SNEHACHAL – Love, Care, Celebration

Working for HIV Positive Children under this project, recently we have started new care home “AANGAN” for HIV Positive children in association with Positive Women Network of Rajasthan in which we work for HIV positive children, especially girls and small kids. As of now, we have been catering the needs of 9 children, including 7 girls and 2 small boys. Most of them are orphans. All of them are HIV affected. We were entrusted with the duty of care towards them by the Child Welfare Committee (A Government of Rajasthan Establishment). This program is aimed towards loving these children, to care for them and to teach them to celebrate their lives and get the most of it despite this fatal disease in them.

We have employed 2 ladies who look after every small need of these 9 children. One of them is HIV POSITIVE and both her children live in the Care Home itself. Fortunately, we have also been able to send all these children to school and we keep them engaged in various co-curricular activities like dance, arts & crafts and various other outings and seminars with the help of our young volunteers. We have made all possible efforts to give them a shining and secure future. As they are HIV affected they get free treatment for the same under Central Government Scheme. For any other minor problems, they are taken to the nearby doctors and we bear the costs involved.

Aangan Care Home can always be reached at:

159 Rani Sati Nagar
Near Punjabi Dhaba
Nirman Nagar – 302019