Our Team

Let us  introduce you to the Naya Sawera family. The people who have had a major role in bringing Naya Sawera to the height where it proudly stands today. We wish all our members and well-wishers a successful and shining future ahead.

Himanshi Goyal, The President of NGO is a 21-year-old girl pursuing History (Hons) from Sri Venkateshwara College , Delhi University. She had joined Naya Sawera when she was 19 as a Social Media Marketing Intern and shortly  she was promoted as the PRESIDENT of the organization keeping in mind,  her hard work and her ability to get along with everyone.

Himanshi Goyal

She has not only been a motivation for young guns in Jaipur but also for the ones in Delhi. We feel proud to say that in less than a year of her leadership she founded Naya sawera’s Delhi branch. We congratulate her for the amazing work she is doing under the name of Naya Sawera and also wish to reach the heights of success under her president ship.

President Himanshi Says:

“To me Naya Sawera is way more than an organisation. It has educated me with one of the most important lessons of life, the lesson to love, the lesson to spread happiness. No matter where I go in life, Naya Sawera will always hold an exceptional position in my life. I wish to take it to the zenith of success and fulfill its motto to make this world a better place with my little efforts”


Aashish Sharma, Age-22, CA final and CS final year student and a Graduate in Commerce. Young, Talented , Versatile and a mind full of bubbling ideas, that is how we would describe this young gentleman He has been a part of NS for past one year and their contribution towards this NGO has been  tremendous . His merry attitude fills up the environment with cheerfulness and bliss. We are indeed very pleased to have such a vivid personality allied with us. We hope that his contribution headed for the social order brings about a positive change.

Aashish Sharma

Aashish Says:

Words fell short to capture the joyous feelings in my heart when I think of how NAYA SAWERA has benefited thousands of people in these past years and it is really implausible the way each and every volunteer at Naya Sawera is constantly supporting and serving in his untiring quest to bring an ethical support to the society. It is a privilege to be a part of such a remarkable family. The love that’s gone into all of it is profuse and obvious and most of all thank you to Naya Sawera for opening my eyes and mind to the correct meaning and purpose of life. I do anticipate and pray that the Lord above gives me the capability to support Naya Sawera in every possible aspect , so that it can achieve all the milestones in the next upcoming years .A pure road to pure wisdom and pure happiness-That is what NS means to me.


Vikas Saraf is a 23-year-old commerce graduate, presently a CA final and CS final year student who has been a part of this NGO for past 1.5 years. To him the work he does is worship. The immense pleasure which he gets while helping the needy is clearly visible in his spirits. The never say die attitude which he holds has helped the organisation a lot. He always actively participates in all the events and possesses amazing leadership superiority. He aspires to remove all the flaws in the society and his efforts at a personal level are truly commendable. We are proud to have such a bubbly and full of life citizen of India who holds himself responsible for everything that is happening in the society and aspires to change it in a positive manner.

Vikas Saraf

He says that he feels very lucky and grateful to be a part of NAYA SAWERA as it is giving him an opportunity to do something for the society. He cites a dialogue from the very famous Aamir Khan movie Rang De Basanti  “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota , use perfect banana padta hai” and he seeks to be that force which makes this country perfect in all aspects. He considers Naya Sawera as a family and thanks NS from the core of his heart to show him the real meaning of a successful life.



Shivam Sharma is a 20 years old boy, His brilliance, sincerity, dedication towards work could not stop us from introducing. In barely a month or two, his contribution has been wonderful. Be it participation in events, or his presence or fund-raising in every field every aspect he has given his 100% . We see an urge in him to change the society for a better tomorrow.


Somya Mishra, a Computer Science engineering student, is associated with Naya Sawera for more than a year now. Earlier a volunteer and now also our Content Writer, she’s truly a priceless asset to the team. Always smiling with confidence and bubbling with energy, at all times on her toes to help the kids in every possible way she can. She makes sure to attend most of the events, spend time and play with the kids and has also assisted in raising funds for the organization.

Somya Mishra

A girl full of life, enthusiastic, caring, kid-at-heart, avid reader, writer, leader, are the few words that describe this member who also makes us proud by fighting against corruption in association with the Aam Aadmi Party. At such a young age, her passion and zeal for bringing about a transformation in the world we live in, is what makes her unique.


Aarushi Kilawat is a 19 year old girl, pursuing Fashion Design from Pearl Academy. She paints canvases, studies the unusual and is an artist at heart, who wishes to know the intricate manifestations of the abstract and concrete in the world around her. She has been working with Naya Sawera for the last 5 months, and in this short span it has made a very deep impact on her ideology, her lifestyle and her perspective towards society. Naya Sawera has brought radical changes in the way she perceives the lives of those she   sees everyday. For her, it is something more than just an organization- she believes it to be her family.

Aarushi Kilawat

In the near future, Aarushi sees Naya Sawera achieving the apex of success and growth, spreading its hand of help as far as possible,touching and improving countless lives, as she believes that NS has undoubtedly brought a ripple of change that is welcome and much needed in society today. She can see herself growing with Naya Sawera yea rafter year and making changes in the society to bring about equality, love and happiness. Her motto is: “WE CAN DO IT”. According to her, in unity and togetherness lies the power of NAYA SAWERA




Mohit Kala is B.com final year student who has been serving the society by the medium of NS since 2013. His contribution in fund-raising activities and other campaigns has helped NS a lot. He is the original energy drink of NS. We feel amped when collaborating with him.

Mohit Kala

He thinks less about what he can get from the experience of volunteering and more about what he can contribute. His adaptive and flexible nature has always been upheld to NS. His imagination and creativity has wings and has always helped us to present ourselves in a unique manner. We hope to get the same support from you always